Mangerton House

Mangerton House is nestled in a beautiful valley 2 miles outside the Dorset seaside town of Bridport.

Set in 14 acres with the Mangerton River running through the grounds, the house offers elegant accommodation for up to 20 people with the option of daily housekeeping and a variety of catering options.

Come and explore

Tee Pee Island

Down by the river we have created an area for kids to explore and make camp...there's a Tee Pee on the island (an ox bow lake for those that remember their Geography lessons), and rope bridges, swings and trampolines as well as a camp fire area under cover of a parachute suspended from the trees.

If you sit by the river for long enough you might see an otter or some fresh water crayfish. And you can fish for (small) brown trout.

Bridges across the river lead you to paths cut into the banks and a trail around the grounds.