Wilding at Mangerton

We have allowed the land to proliferate naturally and protect indigenous plants,  supporting a healthy population of native wildlife. As you soak up the natural atmosphere keep an eye out for an abundance of river birds and even otters on the hunt for river trout. There is plenty of open lawns as well for sporting activities and maintained paths throughout.

We use environmentally friendly land management techniques to support biodiversity and to showcase the area's natural beauty.

Being sustainable is really important to us that's why we do what we can to support a healthy environment. Our water features are all kept clean using chemical free natural plant filtration systems, allowing us enjoy the crystal clear water as much as the fish and ducks. The house is heated sustainably using a combination of wood from around the grounds, air source and solar power. Our gardeners maintain the land using the least destructive methods to keep native plants thriving.



Our Wildflower Meadows

Wilding is the process of letting local plants to grow uncultivated, allowing nature to flourish in its natural state. Our grounds have dedicated areas for wilding, this not only looks great but is also really important for the local ecosystem. A wildflower meadow is a major food source for our pollinators. This in turn supports a huge number of other animals and birds. Wildflower meadows are one of the rarest environments in the U.K., a shocking 97% of them have been lost since the 1930s. When you come and stay here you can see first hand what a huge difference these areas make, filling the sky with colourful songbirds and buzzing honey bees.

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